On January 30th, the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi, the International School Day of Non Violence and Peace is held. It is a good opportunity to educate our students for a better world.

Students in IES Cantillana have celebrated Peace Day making a Crown of Hands. For that, they have used flags of countries all around the word and have written some words related to the peace.

This is the poster they have designed.

caroligian empire 2º eso

The students of the second year prepared a timeline, explaining the series of events of the Carolingian Empire as a part of their English learning in History. They displayed these in a very organized and easy manner.

Los alumnos de 2º ESO han realizado una línea del tiempo explicando los sucesos más destacados del Imperio Carolingio como parte de su aprendizaje bilingüe en Geografía e Historia.

feudalism 2º eso

Our students of the second year, in History, made these leaflets as a part of their bilingual activity. These leaflets include information on some aspects of Feudalism. They presented the information, using the vocabulary words learned in class, in a very attractive way.

Los alumnos de 2º ESO han trabajado sobre el Feudalismo en Geografía e Historia.