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One more year, our students celebrated Halloween in bilingual classes. For that, teachers and language assistants planned some scary activities like these:

Un año más hemos celebrado Halloween en las clases bilingües. Para ello, Profesores y auxiliares de conversación han preparado algunas actividades para conmemorar dicha efeméride.

26th september


We are celebrating the European Day of Languages in IES Cantillana again. Students have designed some posters with their favourite word in different languages. They have learnt that languages are very important because they allow people to communicate and connect to other cultures. It is the way we convey our thoughts and feelings to other people. It is how we make them aware of our needs.

De nuevo estamos celebrando el Día Europeo de las Lenguas en el IES Cantillana. Los alumnos y alumnas han diseñado carteles con su palabra favorita en diferentes idiomas.Ellos han aprendido que las lenguas son muy importantes ya que nos permiten comunicarnos con personas de otros países y conectar con diferentes culturas. Es la forma que tenemos para transmitir nuestros pensamientos y sentimientos a los demás. Es como nosotros les hacemos conscientes de nuestras necesidades.

CULTURAL WEEK 10-12th may 2022

Cultural Week in IES Cantillana again and the Bilingual Project has prepared the II LISTENING OLYMPICS for groups of students of 3º ESO with three tasks: Listening Questionnaire, Listening Vocabulary and Complete the song.

In this edition we started the I SPELLING BEE, a fun quiz where students review some words of ANLs subjects.

A lot of students took part in the competitions and all of us had a good time learning English.

The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 18th. All the winners collected their gifts.The awards ceremony for the contests was held on Wednesday, May 18. All the winners collected their gifts.

Moreover students 3º ESO organised a MECHANISMS EXHIBITION with mechanisms that they had built in Technology subject. Each mechanism was explained on a card with the text in English and in Spanish.

De nuevo llega la Semana Cultural al IES Cantillana y el Proyecto Bilingüe ha preparado el II ENGLISH LISTENING OLYMPICS (II Olimpiadas de Listening en Inglés) para grupos de 3 alumnos de 3º ESO. Este concurso consta de tres pruebas: Listening Questionnaire, Listening Vocabulary and Complete the song.

En esta edición hemos comenzado el I SPELLING BEE, un divertido concurso en el que alumnos de 1º a 4º ESO repasan el vocabulario de las asignaturas no lingüísticas impartidas en la L2 (ANLs).

Una gran cantidad de alumnos han participado en los concursos y lo hemos pasado muy bien aprendiendo inglés.

La ceremonia de entrega de premios de los concursos se celebró el miércoles 18 de mayo en la Casa de la Cultura. Todos los ganadores recogieron sus regalos.

Además, los alumnos de 3º ESO han organizado la exposición MECHANISMS con los mecanismos que han construido en la asignatura de Tecnología. Junto a cada mecanismo aparece una tarjeta con la explicación de su funcionamiento en español e inglés.


Sehar Dawar tells us her experience in the school and in our city Seville.

IES Cantillana

My name Sehar Dawar and I am from India. I have been a language assistant at IES Cantillana for two consecutive academic sessions now. My experience of working here has been incredible.

Everything always works very systematically here. The students are keen to learn English, they really look forward to the English classes and they are very well behaved.

All the teachers have always extended their hand in helping me and have been welcoming. They have supported me greatly in planning classes as well as during the classes.

EvenI had the opportunity to present my culture to the students and teachers through presentations and other activities.

I take the train to Cantillana as I live in Seville. The commute is super easy and comfortable. I was able to meet many more auxes in Seville from around the world and this year with covid restrictions easing down we were able to travel and explore so much.

Seville is a perfect blend of everything, it is a perfect city for a thorough Spanish experience. The weather is great, the people are very kind and the food is very diverse. It is very easy to take flights and trains from here to practically everywhere.

This program has taught me so much and helped me evolve not just on my path of becoming a teacher but also as a person. I gained friendship and experience that I shall carry with me forever . So glad that I could be a part of this.


For many years now, our environment has been facing many problems. These problems have worsened up over the years because of human activities. Our students had put up some works, displaying this problem.

ANLs teachers prepared different activities related to this topic.

1º ESO

Students of 1º ESO learned the importance of recycling in ARTS (collage) and EF (sports with recycled materials)

These are some of the creative works made by our students:


The students were shown a video «WHAT IS NOISE POLLUTION?». Then, they talked about this problem and made a list of ways to reduce noise pollution.

2º ESO


The students made informative murals about the use of water in the Islamic culture. These information included about the irrigation systems introduced by the Arabs and different types of irrigation systems.

3º ESO


Students investigated about the Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 13 and they published the results on a blog and posters like these. Also, they presented this project at Feria de la Ciencia.


Students recorded a video trying to make the society aware of the importance of protecting and saving the environment.


This subject took up the topic of Ocean Pollution, creating a giant mural and posters. Plastic is flooding the oceans and killing fish.

Students of 3º ESO in class, making the mural that has been sent to the program #MensajeAlOcéano . This is a nationwide online campaign that is open to everyone between the months of January and April 2022. Its objective is to give visibility to the ocean and to propose and carry out actions or activities that contribute to improve its environmental status. Students participated in this programme very enthusiastically .

4º ESO


Students studied about the environmental problems caused because of industialization. They made posters about these problems and the impact of the Industrial Revolution and its consequent industrialization and imperialism on various aspects of the environment.

This integrated bilingual unit has been useful for students because they studied the horrible impact that man actions can be in the environment.



On January 30th, the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi, the International School Day of Non Violence and Peace is held. It is a good opportunity to educate our students for a better world.

Students in IES Cantillana have celebrated Peace Day making a Crown of Hands. For that, they have used flags of countries all around the word and have written some words related to the peace.

This is the poster they have designed.

caroligian empire 2º eso

The students of the second year prepared a timeline, explaining the series of events of the Carolingian Empire as a part of their English learning in History. They displayed these in a very organized and easy manner.

Los alumnos de 2º ESO han realizado una línea del tiempo explicando los sucesos más destacados del Imperio Carolingio como parte de su aprendizaje bilingüe en Geografía e Historia.