India is a diverse country, 

incredibly rich in culture and heritage, 

a unique and special place, cradle of Hinduism and a whole melting pot of religions, land of infinite gastronomy and extremes in every way,… 

a country that surprises and leaves no one indifferent. 

Saris and turbans of all colours, lakes, rivers and temples, Bollywood stars draw a multicoloured landscape: India is the country of contrasts. 

At IES CANTILLANA in a virtual way and with the help of our language assistant, Sehar Dawar, we enter this Asian country and we will take this opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture and treasures of India.

We have published a magazine with all the activities that ANL teachers and the language assistant have prepared for the students.

Click on the picture to see the magazine.

INDIA Magazine

An exhibition was presented at school, it included a giant flag of the country made by Integration class students, a map with some important cities of India, significant dates in Indian history, a vast information on different festivals celebrated in India throughout the year and we have celebrated them with our language assistant.

The symbol Om appears in the exhibition, too. Om is a mantra or vibration, which attributes great spiritual and creative power, being the basic sound of the universe.

Some paintings of peacock, the national animal of India painted by students in ARTS.

and projects of different subjects:

BIOLOGY: Indian diet

CITIZENSHIP: Gender inequalities in India.

HISTORY: The Independence of India.

MATHS: Famous Indian mathemathician.

TECHNOLOGY: Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India.


Here are some photos of the exhibition which was presented at school:

In PHYSICAL EDUCATION students enjoyed playing kho-kho, a traditional Indian game.

Students visited the exhibition and filled out a questionnaire about it.

We have learnt a lot about INDIA.